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On Tue, 6 August, 2013 - 11:40
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We are a full village now for 2013! Bookings Closed.

Infact we seem to book out every year, just by word of mouth, and have had to start limiting numbers. Please book early next year to make sure you can come.

Part of creating this online space is to help us germinate other family friendly events within the Triratna movement. Anyone that has any energy at all to help make that happen, can find a way to get involved via these links.

Children at the Centre of the Mandala is normal for many. Increasingly we see it happening throughout the (Buddhist) world. It’s clearly a growing space for practice! One day soon we might have an entry point for Families / Parents + Children / Young People on The Buddhist and other Centre websites.

Currently, we are aware of the following:

- Buddhafield North Open Retreat 25-30 August. Contact them direct for this year or next.

- Buddhafield East has previously done a child friendly, and might again. Contact them to stay informed.

- Brighton Buddhist Centre Family Camps - get in touch (very limited spaces at the Rivendell Family Retreat but still put your name down as things do change!).

- Brighton Buddhist Centre - Baby + toddler group germinating. Contact Libby Davy via libby [at] if you want to get involved.

- Buddhafield Sussex Family Friendly - camping group is forming soon. Drop Dharmakara Phibes an email dhdharmakara [at] Happy to hear from people that want to help make it happen too!

- Buddhafield Wales Family Camp in development. Contact Sue Maw to find out more. Sue has a wealth of experience in working with children, young people and families, and has done a lot to help get our combined Family Friendly Village Retreat to happen.

- London Buddhist Centre - Parents’ and Children’s Retreat. 8 Oct -1 Nov. For regulars, Mitras and those who have asked for ordination. Their Parents + Children’s entry point is here. The LBC also has meditation with creche + an after school club for young people aged 11 – 16 years old! Srivati Skelton got a request from some boys and responded to the call.

Mindfulness for Children (+ School Tours) - via London Buddhist Centre and further afield with Srivati Skelton at Most Triratna centres (including Brighton) offer schools visits. See also the .b Project.

Young People in Triratna - loads available on The Buddhist Centre here by searching for “Young People”. Popular international facebook group with over 500 members here.

Also… Books, eg. Sara Burns / Karunagita’s A Path for Parents and many more (we shall put a list together).

Let Libby know if you want to add your project, event, book or other resource to this list.

Better still, join our group here on The Buddhist Centre and add your own information to share! Then let others know they are welcome to join. We also have a group on Facebook where lots of people keep in touch.
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