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Ratnaguna - Three Talks On The Pureland

On Wed, 13 January, 2016 - 00:09
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A new three-part series from Ratnaguna introduces the Pureland texts as a practice in themselves, and discusses their relationship to Sangharakshita’s core teachings. 

In the first talk Ratnaguna takes us on an excellent exploration of imagination itself, essential for understanding the sutras on their own terms. The second talk discusses how the texts hint at what Sangharakshita calls the supra-personal force of the Bodhichitta. The third talk is on the importance of sangha in the sutras and its relevance for us approaching the texts.

The forthcoming book by Ratnaguna, upon which these talks are based, is Great Faith, Great Wisdom: Practice and Awakening in the Pure Land Sutras of Mahayana Buddhism, with translations of the three Pure Land Sutras by Sraddhapa. Available from Windhorse Publications.

Talks given at Adhisthana, England, as part of the 2016 Winter Triratna European Chairs Assembly.

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