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Gathering Generosity (Online) Retreat at Adhisthana (Nov 23rd-26th)

On Fri, 6 November, 2020 - 10:52
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Gathering Generosity (Online) Retreat at Adhisthana (Nov 23 - 26 )

Open to people of all levels of experience - everyone welcome

Start Date: 23rd Nov 2020

End Date: 26th Nov 2020

£5+ Dana (all dana for this retreat will help support Adhisthana)

Reserve a place here 

Offered by Alobhin, Ambaranta, Nagadipa and friends

This retreat is open to all who have an interest in celebrating and exploring generosity, practicing together as an International community and rejoicing in Triratna Volunteers. It is y/our opportunity to explore and celebrate the myriad ways generosity weaves its magic and inspires/guides us to step into the timeless with wisdom and love. We invite you to consider booking.

Make an offering to the retreat

As well as booking onto the retreat there is also an optional invitation for anyone to send in a very short (maximum 2 minutes) offering by video, sound clip, music, dance, song, poem or image/s which explore Generosity. You could share with us your experience of volunteers their open handed generosity and the benefits of their myriad contributions or share your experience of Generosity not as an abstract idea but as something lived and realised. It could be from you individually, or from a number of folks. 

Let imagination flow, communicate from the heart as spontaneously as you can and be as creative as you are.   

These will be offerings of our heartfelt expression of gratitude and celebration for generosity. All Offerings will help form a mosaic, a complimentary pattern from around the world like a mandala of wish fulfilling jewels and they will become sacred offerings made within the body of the retreat.

Offerings will not be available for public view prior to being offered ‘live’ into the retreat but all will be available to reLive or replay after the event on YouTube. Please bear in mind that when you make offerings you are agreeing to these being publicly available. 

Remember to keep to the maximum 2 minute limit and to follow our community guidelines.

Send offerings, together with your name, how you’re involved in Triratna, location, contact number and email address directly to us in one (or more) of the following ways:

Email: gatheringgenerosity [at]

What’s App and/or Telegram: 07434675337

If you have any technical challenges or questions you can contact Alec by email gatheringgenerosity [at] and they will do their best to help you.

Contact the retreat leaders on gatheringgenerosity [at] or 07434675337  if you have any questions or suggestions for the retreat itself.


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Find more information and book your place on the retreat here


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