The Community Toolkit for Uncertain Times

Welcome to The Community Toolkit for Uncertain Times

Bump elbows, say hello!
Bump elbows, say hello…

Thanks for taking part in our Community Toolkit! What an amazing hub it proved to be for all sorts of creative Dharma engagement during the long months of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns.

This group has now been archived. That means people will no longer be able to join, non-members will be able to see any public posts (all of them!), and members will still be able to see the archived content.

Of course, all of the links below to the daily meditation, live events, Home Retreats, etc. are all still very much live and active as parts of The Buddhist Centre Online. We’ll be relaunching the whole platform in early 2023. For now, join us online wherever you are to share amazing Dharma spaces together. 🙏


The Community Toolkit (Original Description)
As the pandemic continues into its second year, your local Buddhist Centre may still be closed. As we all continue to take care of each other many of us are still going to be spending a lot more time online – in all sorts of ways!

We’ll be using this community toolkit space to bring you a regular supply of the best Dharma content from around the world – new features and teaching, and highlights from our extensive archives.

What’s on offer
You’ll find a great set of resources within our dedicated online spaces over the next weeks and months:

Daily open sit meditations to help you stay grounded and in connection with others.

New podcasts with a diverse range of guests and voices to renew your sense of a wider community standing with you.

And specially curated home retreats, dharma and meditation courses, and live events to give your practice week a shape and focus if the going gets tough!

If you prefer to get your inspiration on social media, we’ll be there too: connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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May you be well! We are all physically distanced for now – and community can still grow and flourish among us! 

Visit the Dharma Toolkit site here 

Check out our Community Guidelines for spaces like this one. And feel free to ask us for help at any time.


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