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Dhardo Rinpoche
Dhardo Rinpoche

Bodhilocana’s Dream: A Stupa for Dhardo Rinpoche

For some years members of the local Triratna sangha have envisioned a stupa at Aryaloka Buddhist Center. The ashes of Dhardo Rinpoche, one of Sangharakshita’s main teachers, would be placed inside the stupa.

Bodhilocana, a well-loved member of the sangha who passed away in 2011, inspired others to build this stupa dedicated to Dhardo Rinpoche. Through her enthusiasm, dedication, and strong connection with Dhardo Rinpoche, Bodhilocana brought people together to help bring this idea to fruition.

Dhardo Rinpoche and Sangharakshita developed a strong friendship over the many years Sangharakshita lived in Kalimpong. It was through this friendship that they both realized the transformative and transcendental nature of spiritual friendship, which is one of the key practices in the Triratna Buddhist Community. It was from Dhardo Rinpoche that Sangharakshita took his Bodhisattva vows and our Triratna Buddhist Community exists today as the enactment of that vow.

Listen to hear Sangharakshita share thoughts on his friendship with Dhardo Rinpoche.

Help Build the Stupa – Donate!

This summer we begin fundraising to build the stupa. We invite you to contribute to this significant spiritual undertaking by donating to the project at http://bit.ly/19YMHnm.


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