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Write Mantras for the new Dhardo Rinpoche Stupa

On Mon, 16 June, 2014 - 15:27
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Calling all members of the worldwide Triratna community! Here is an opportunity to have your personal expression of reverence for Dhardo Rinpoche included in a stupa that will “radiate love for thousands of years” (the words of the stonemason who will build the stupa). We need thousands of mantras to place in the drum of the bodhicitta stupa now under construction at Aryaloka. We invite you to write your favorite mantras – once or hundreds of times – and send them to content [at]

We will make sure that every one you write will make it into the stupa, the DEADLINE FOR SENDING MANTRAS IS JULY 6th.

Pictured here is a page of 108 Heart Sutra mantras sent by Neil Harvey, a sangha member in Portsmouth New Hampshire.

The best way to get your mantras to New Hampshire on time is to do what Neil did: scan or photograph your page(s) and attach them as a .pdf or .jpg file to an email sent to content [at] with the subject heading “Stupa Mantras.” We will print, cut the pages (as appropriate), roll up the mantras and make sure they make it into the stupa.

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