Welcome to Aryaloka Computer Education India

Aim of the project

The wider impact of the project will create a Society environment base on Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Justice taught by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in which every human being has got opportunity to fulfill their needs, regardless of their background or beliefs. We will create an atmosphere where youth from any disadvantage situation whether they are physically handicap, rich, and poor or from different caste backgrounds mix without discrimination in a friendly supportive non-violent learning environment.

Every year we aim to contribute to the realization of that vision by imparting computer education, personality development training, English and Self-defense technique to the disadvantaged parts of society i.e. 700 students (Including Boys and girls). The project has a long 12 years and successful track record in Nagpur of delivering education and has a strong approach to sustainability by attracting students who are able to pay a fee for education. Students working together in this way breaks down many caste barriers in a supported environment.
Friendship, courage, independence, decision-making, determination, confidence, vision and professionalism are some of the many benefits students gained through the current Aryaloka project.

Why the project is needed

Computer literacy and awareness is gaining a topmost place in public life. It will be impossible to realize the uplift of any society in absence of this education. It is the need of the day that every individual needs to equip oneself with the knowledge and tools of this developing field. With this aspect in mind we realize that the poor, backward classes and the masses from the disadvantaged situation irrespective of caste, creed, sex, race or religion need to be provided with these essential skills.

Women’s needs

In India the education and job prospects of girls and women is very low. Many girls do not complete their education, their families do not promote education for them and they are married off at a young age.

They are not seen as potential contributors to the family financial situation. The Aryaloka Education Society has for the last 7 years attracted up to 70% women students. This has had a significant effect on these women helping them get computer and office related jobs, from simple data entry to administrators. This has shown their family and community that in this current age women can earn and contribute. It is changing the way women and societies see women. These women who attend Aryaloka are role models for their siblings and local community.

Other needs

This project offers a rounded number of courses to help students get jobs or move forward into higher education. Generally 25% students after taking the course seek jobs and 75% moves on to take higher education (degree level). What we have found is that we need to offer supplementary course which help these students as most are lacking from confidence in many areas. We therefore offer help in the following areas: self-confidence, interview coaching, job seeking, application writing, family matters and spoken English. As far as we can we aim to understand the needs of students and ensure our courses are meetings these.