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On Mon, 30 July, 2018 - 17:00
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Case Story of Aryaloka Computer Education, Nagpur, India

Name – Priyal Kishor Ukey

Address- Maya Nagar, Line no 1, Near Durga Mata Mandir, Indora, Nagpur-440014

Age- 26 years

Qualification – 10th Pass and Poly incomplete

Her Income was – 0 Rs. Separated from husband and living with her parent with one baby.

Now earning 4000/- Rs and teaching computer Courses at Computer Institute.

Batch - 2016-17 branch – Indora

My name is Priyal Kishor Ukey and currently I am studying computer course in Aryaloka Computer Education at Indora branch and passed MSCIT exam with 94.6%. Next course I am doing hardware and networking and English speaking.  During the training I have got offer to work at Bahujan Hitay Girl’s hostel as a computer teacher to teach MS-office to girls of hostel and earning 3000 Rs. per month. This is part time job and I need to teach girls for 4 hrs only so I can look after my daughter very well she is 2 yrs old. This part time job is so important for me and for my baby as well. Because right now I am leaving with my parent and they are from very poor background my father working as a labour earning very small amount of money and now I came to live with them with my baby. So it’s very hard to survive without any income with my baby. I passed only 10th standard and didn’t complete Poly because I got married in very young age. I gone through very difficult marriage for 5 years and face torched from my husband. My husband also hates my daughter because he expected son. The torcher was unbearable so in the end I have realized that I can’t stay with or live my life with this man so separated from him and started living with my parent. Now in future I would like to live for my daughter only. I wanted to give her a better education so that she will not face the problems like me.

I am very much thankful to Aryaloka Computer Education from my bottom of heart that they have given me opportunity to study various computer skills, English speaking at the same time I got valuable guidance from teachers and through personality development class. And also offered part time teaching  job. It has developed my confidence and will power that I can live my life independently. If I didn’t get this opportunity my life would have been ended up with working in other houses washing up pots and cleaning clothes with heavy work in less income. Now having computer skills make my life much competent with dignity. And I can make further progress in my life as well.

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A very heartening story - thank you for sharing. Lots of well wishing for the future.


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Dear Khemajoti,

Many thanks for your comment. It’s encouraging.