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New Mitra Study Module on Dr Ambedkar!

On Thu, 22 November, 2018 - 11:47
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We have a new Mitra study module on Dr Ambedkar! Check it out in Year 3, Module 8

About half the total Triratna Buddhist Community (friends and mitras) and a third of the Triratna Buddhist Order is in India. There is much that is shared throughout the whole Movement, including our basic teachings and practices, but one noticeable difference is the emphasis on Dr Ambedkar. At every class and on every retreat in India you will find on the shrine with the Buddha a picture of Sangharakshita and a picture of Dr Ambedkar. His book The Buddha and His Dhamma and Sangharakshita’s book Dr Ambedkar and Buddhism is studied by all Mitras. As the Movement becomes increasingly international, and Indians get to know other Triratna Buddhists all over the world, many are wanting to know more about Dr Ambedkar and why he should be so significant to so many people.

Encourage your mitra study group to study this module to find out more about Dr Ambedkar’s life and work. He shows us an inspiring example of an ‘engaged Buddhism’, having done more to undo inequality in society than any other modern Buddhist. Dr Ambedkar’s confidence and understanding about how Buddhism can change the world is needed now more than ever.

Dhamma work in India needs financial help to support Indian Order Members to teach the growing numbers of people who are renouncing violence and inequality and embracing Buddhism.  They want to be Buddhist practitioners, and there is an urgent demand for the tools to help them to do so - retreats, workshops, meditation and study teaching.  Our Movement can do this, but it needs good Indian Dharma teachers to work full time to go all over India teaching the Dhamma and offering kalyana mitrata.  

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