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Community Practice Day Metta for the Earth Sunday 14 June 10.00-4.30pm

On Thu, 28 May, 2015 - 12:31
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A day at the Brighton Buddhist Centre to look at the Earth Metta Practice in more depth. 

How can we relate it to the Six Realms of the Wheel of Life?

How do we practice Metta towards those living in Hell Realms where all they know is suffering – or towards those who live in a realm where all they can understand is Power?

And how do we become Bodhisattvas?  How do we go about practicing the Perfections of Generosity, Ethics, Patience, Energy, Concentration and Wisdom?

Led by Vidyakaya – who has been ordained for nearly ten years and lives in Tunbridge Wells. He runs a group there with Suryaketu and is also involved with the Hastings Sangha. He is also a Mitra Convenor and men’s Order Convenor for the Southern Region.

Sunday 14 June      10.00-4.30pm    £15/£10

 open to all who have learned to meditate    

There will be guided meditation and ritual, but not too much chat. 

a day for introspection and a time for reflection.

i hope you can come.  

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ps - forgot to add - bring vegetarian - better still VEGAN - lunch to share - and cost is suggested donation….