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Free the Dharma - Mind in Harmony by Subhuti

On Mon, 11 May, 2020 - 13:21
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This is the eighth week that we’ll be sharing a weekly e-book. When we started in March, it seemed likely that it would be something we’d do for a month or two at the most. Yet here we are, two months later, and this new future stretches before us. 

This week we’re giving away Subhuti’s Mind in Harmony: the psychology of Buddhist ethics. You can download it free here until 25 May. You can also buy a paper copy here

Mind in Harmony is a commentary on one of the traditional Buddhist lists: The Fifty-one Mental Events. It is in effect a map of the workings of the mind, or better still, a working manual of the mind. Subhuti’s popular book is based on a series of talks and retreats in India and Europe. In his commentary he has reordered the traditional map to make it more navigable, he includes a great section on views, and gives down to earth and very practical advice on how to watch and transform the mind.

As Buddhist centres and bookshops continue to stay closed to protect us all from the spread of the virus, Windhorse Publications has managed to stay afloat because of your donations and your purchases of books from us online.

Thank you for your support. Wishing you well wherever you find yourself. 

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