Vajra Bell

Vajra Bell - Summer 2013

On Wed, 3 July, 2013 - 16:07
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In this issue of the Vajra Bell newsletter:

• “Buddhist Roots in the Wild West: The History of Triratna in America” by Dh. Viriyalila
• “Sustaining Faith on the Spiral Path” by Barry Timmerman
• Dhardo Tulku Rinpoche Visits Aryaloka - recap and background from Dh. Viriyagita
• “A Pilgrimage to Japan: An Artist’s Tour for Buddhists, a Buddhist Tour for Artists” by Lois Sans
• Reflections on a recent men’s community retreat
• Aryaloka arts: exhibits by textile artist Dh. Ashokashri and local painter Neil Harvey
• Two Poems from Dh. Kavyadrishti
• Online Insight: Online Reading Apps as Skillful Means
• Movie Review: “A Thousand Words”
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