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On Mon, 10 April, 2023 - 11:12
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URTHONA 36 unknown landscapes

Urthona Issue 36 ‘Unknown Landscapes’ is out now! A sumptuous issue devoted to landscape art and writing…

Landscapes move and uplift us in ways that are hard to pin down. Artists explore such emotional responses and bring clarity, awareness and transformational depth to the process. They help us to make the appreciation of landscape more conscious and meaningful. 

As Christopher Neve in his wonderful book ‘Unquiet Landscape’ says of the work of Paul Nash: ‘pictures, like the landscape itself, enunciate with the greatest clarity a language that is beyond words.’ 

Highlights include interview with Maitreyabandhu about his love of Cezanne. Review of the Hockney Arrival of Spring exhibition. Sacred springs in Nepal and Cambridgeshire. Dynamic Cornish landscapes by celebrated St Ives artist David Mankin. Profiles of Triratna artists Saddhahadaya and Khemin

NEW FORMAT Now in A4 size art book format and high quality thick paper, a delight to hold in your hand. Also available as Emag for iPad etc.

Cover image: Liverpool Bay by Ratnagarbha

Featured Image: Storm Over Zennor by the dynamic St Ives artist David Mankin who is profiled in this issue. 



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There seems to be a glitch on your website that doesn’t allow you to input an address that isn’t in the UK. I’ve been trying to see how much shipping to Ireland is but the form keeps reverting back to UK despite me choosing Ireland. 

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Hi there, sorry you have had this problem. I think it might be that it only works on a mobile or tablet but not on a desktop computer. I don’t understand why. On a mobile you will see two options which you need to select by clicking in the little circles. The first one says overseas shipping add six pounds. The second one says shipping as opposed to pick up. Once both of these are clicked you can go onto the next screen and I think it will allow you to put in your address. Do please let me know if this works…