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Introducing 'Metta Eggs'

On Thu, 4 July, 2013 - 09:07
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Welcome to Libby - newest member of the New Ventures group :) . Here’s her great idea -

“Hi all, Lokabandu suggested I come here. Setting up a social enterprise with much inspiration from Triratna. I am a GFR based at Brighton Centre who came into the movement 8 years ago through the Buddhafields Child-Friendly retreat community.

The current venture is here (badly in need of an update)


Metta Eggs are small hand crafted clay eggs with personal messages hidden inside. Whimsical, ritual objects that help us celebrate each other and the cycle of life.

Metta Eggs are cracking all over the world, as a bespoke community celebration for big birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, new babies, bon voyage, graduation and other occasions. Each project is personalised to suit, and they can be given individually or as a group gift. We currently deliver to Europe and Australia (with studios in Brighton, England and Sydney). Our customers and message writers can be anywhere!

We are also very pleased to be developing a project to offer Metta Eggs to people living with major illness, and welcome all donations and contacts in cancer care, other health care organisations, the hospice movement, social enterprise and fund raising.

If you know anyone living with major illness who might benefit from receiving Metta Eggs, please get in touch for a private consultation. We have direct experience and expert mentorship working in this sensitive area. See website for more information.

Looking forward to connecting with other social entrepreneur types within Triratna.

Keen to hear from mentors, customers, advisors and potential partners.

Yours in the Dharma, Libby Davy


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Thanks Lokabandhu.

It’s great to be able to start connecting with Sangha in this space. I’ve already heard from one potential travelling companion.

People can see my post here: