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Float by Boat - Tor launches a 'new venture'

On Fri, 26 April, 2013 - 10:27
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Float by Boat may be Triratna’s newest venture - it’s certainly Tor Johnson’s, whose brainchild it is.

She operates from her boat Spirited Away and says - “Join one of our upcoming Float by Boat dates to enjoy a tranquil meditative canal break. We pick you up from the train, bus or your car and take you to the boat, where you’ll dine on wholesome vegetarian food, travelling around the rural canals of the UK’s Midlands and be given space to unwind, appreciate the countryside, be creative or whatever floats your boat”.

Her website goes on to explain - “Victoria Johnson, known to all as ‘Tor’, dreamt of this project one night in a faraway land. She was looking for something different to do, something where she could make a small living in a gentle and ethical way. The boat, ‘Spirited Away’ is her home and she loves welcoming fellow peace seekers aboard.”

Each expedition has a name - ‘Curled-up Catkins’, ‘Frog’s Freedom’, ‘Wild Geese’, ‘Swan’s Sojourn’, ‘Hideaway Herons’, ‘Dragonfly’s Dance’ or the ‘Moorhen’s Meander’… For more details (or to book!) check her website, floatbyboat.co.uk.

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Fantastic idea and website
Good luck with it!:)