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Correct Skype Account Details

On Sun, 21 April, 2013 - 10:16
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Hi all, just a quick note to clear up any confusion about the correct Skype account to use for online meditation!

The correct user is Its full profile name will be listed as the buddhist centre online.

If you search for us you may come across another admin account we use for European calls, so please ignore it. We’ve renamed it so it’s extremely clear not to connect with us there.

Hope that helps!
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satyapada's picture
Is there anyway of downloading the talks, guided meditations etc if you can’t get online in your centre?? Satyapadaxx
Centre Team's picture
Hi Satyapada, you would need an internet connection somewhere. If you want to download texts, click the read version so it opens full screen. Top right will be a curvy arrow icon for sharing the document (next to the close x). If you click it there will be a download link.

To download audio, click the title on the Soundcloud player and it will open the recording on Soundcloud itself, where you’ll see the download button. Video is trickier, I’m afraid, as it is a much bigger download. But same priciple, click through on the video player to Vimeo and use the download button.

Hope that helps!