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Buddhist Voices from India - Jnanasuri Interview

On Tue, 5 March, 2013 - 07:20
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As part of our ‘Buddhist Voices’ series we’re delighted to present this extended interview with Dharmacharini Jnanasuri, one of the very first Indian women to be ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order and a pioneering Dharma worker for many years, before and since joining our community.

The interview focusses initially on the historic mass conversion to Buddhism in 1956 by the Scheduled Caste people of Maharashtra, conducted by their great leader Dr. Ambedkar. Jnanasuri was present on that momentous day and her reflections on what happened then, and in the weeks after following Dr. Ambedkar’s sudden death, are essential listening for anyone with an interest in the context of Triratna’s work in India.

Along with Vassika from Paris, a friend of 25 years, Jnanasuri also explores her own ordination and years of practice, speaking movingly of her struggles to help other women develop the confidence to go forth and embrace a Dharma life

Recorded at Bodh Gaya, India, 28th February 2013

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