Mitras from the sangha in Mérida, Venezuela

Metta for Mérida (and México) this week & news from Venezuela

On Mon, 25 September, 2017 - 20:54
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This Wednesday is the last Wednesday of the month, so it will be the 3rd session of metta for merida. Here are details of the time etc.

Last month: I had just arrived back in Venezuela & I was in Caracas staying with our only mitra who lives there, Maria Elena. We did a short session of metta together before I travelled back here to Mérida. In Mérida itself there was a session of meditation too & people have sent reports of their meditations all round the world.

News about Venezuela: Since the time I made the video about Venezuela, the violent protests on the street have calmed down, but that is not because life has got easier. I have found that the sangha here it quite demoralised in some ways. The economic crisis has really deepened and the price of food is incredibly high. I’m hoping to set up a little right livelihood business so that people can earn a dignified wage. When that is clear I will post more & ask you to support this business.

This Wednesday: as well as leading a meditation for the sangha here in such a way to help them work with the inner conflicts that arise with such strong tensions in society, we will dedicate some time to sending metta to México, where many people will be suffering the after effects of the recent earthquakes.

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Much love to each of you in Venezuela. Xx

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I send you metta to Merida and electricity power, so we can continue our English clases via Skype! 

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Sending love and metta to you all there in Venezuela xxxxxx

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Thanks Vidyasri. Great to hear from you.

Muchos Besos

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Received this message…

Dear Vajranatha and the Venezuelan sangha, Bury St. Edmunds held their first Internatinal Metta meeting last night the 27th September, starting at 5.45pm UK time. We focused on your sangha and the difficult situation you find yourself in. Metta is a powerful force and we hope you will feel the effects of the love and friendliness we sent to you. On a practical level we are amassing some cash and will hold it until we hear from you. Our next International Metta Network meeting is on Wednesday 25th October. If any of you speak English and would like to link up with someone in the Bury St. Edmundd sangha please let me know and I will link you up. Metta, Sanghajata

Thank you very much. We did feel connected in with the international network.

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We sent our metta for Merida last Wednesday from our retreat at Taraloka XXX
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We’ll be sending you metta this Wednesday evening from the Exeter/UK sangha - I really wish you all well and may your practice and friendship support you all in Venezuela