Welcome to Triratna Parents Mandala

Triratna Parents Mandala

Welcome Buddhist parents!

This group extends the excellent work that’s been done and continues over on the Triratna Buddhist Parents Network Facebook page. In this forum we can be creative and share parenting ideas and interesting tidbits, connect with other Buddhist parents, talk through some of the joys and challenges of balancing and merging practice with parenting, learn what’s going on for families in Triratna, and encourage family programs and new initiatives at our local centres and in the wider community.

If you’re interested in starting a new family program at your centre, check out this post for more information!

Please remember our guidelines for sharing in this space:
We’d really encourage you to share what resources work well for you and your centres, as well as any challenges you’ve encountered. Please don’t use this space to promote your own Dharma teaching - this is an intentional space where we can genuinely connect with each other and specifically with the material in the course or related issues in Triratna. If you have something to share, please make sure that as much as possible it’s on the basis of your own practice and is relevant to the topic under discussion. You can review our Community Guidelines to get a feel for the spirit we’d like to foster in this space.


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