Welcome to На Русском

На русском

Welcome to the Russian page of thebuddhistcentre’s Translation project. This page links to Russian translations of Buddhist texts and ceremonies as used in the Triratna Buddhist Community. You’ll find an excellent introductions to Buddhism, meditation and Triratna already online at http://buddhayana.ru and a Project here for the sanghas in Moscow and Odessa. Here’s some links to specific texts:

Basic Buddhist texts
The Dedication Ceremony
The Refuges and Precepts
The Threefold Puja
The Sevenfold Puja
The Tiratana Vandana
The Heart Sutra#

There are audio recordings of some of these on the Triratna Russian recordings space on Soundcloud.

Introducing meditation
Buddhayana has an excellent Russian-language page on Introducing meditation. For an alternative introduction, also in Russian, try the Russian Wildmind site.

Introducing Buddhism
Click here for Buddhayana’s Russian-language Introduction to Buddhism

Introducing Triratna
Click here for a comprehensive Russian-language introduction to the Triratna Buddhist Community.


A six week video course teaching...

«Буддийская медитация: движемся...

«Система медитации: духовное...

«Система медитации: духовная смерть...

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