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Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

FBA Podcast: Taking the Path Exactly How it Appears

By Sadayasihi on Sat, 14 Aug, 2021 - 06:00

What does Buddhism have to say about death and dying? How can this be applied to life? Prasannavira shares how he has been influenced by the Root Verses of the Six Bardos from the Bardo Thodol, the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Talk given at Windhorse:Evolution, once a large Buddhist team-based ‘right livelihood’ business based in the UK, 2013.

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Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: Craving in the Modern World

By Sadayasihi on Thu, 23 Apr, 2020 - 14:00

Padmavajra takes a deep look at the marvellous, terrifying, visionary world of the Bardo Thodol, or ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’.

In this episode, we plunge fearlessly down into the lower realms of the wheel of life to meet the beings who inhabit - and the Buddhas who come to meet them. A sobering but strongly felt evocation of how we make the worlds with our minds - and what we might do to counteract the dangers.

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