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Buddhist Centre Features

Telling the Story of Sangharakshita (The Buddhist Centre Podcast, Episode 430)

By Centre Team on Sat, 14 May, 2022 - 20:44

Some of the team at the Urgyen Sangharakshita Trust join us for a deep dive into the art of digital storytelling and biographical work online, as we hear about the ongoing creative challenges involved in helping a spiritual community hold the legacy of their teacher across generations.

Sangharakshita was a brilliant, complex, sometimes provocative and controversial figure. He was also a friend, a thinker, a writer, and a hundred other things besides. Prajnaketu and Suryanaga discuss with us the making...

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In the Footsteps of the Buddha at Rivendell (The Dharma Toolkit Podcast, Episode 38)

By Centre Team on Thu, 25 Mar, 2021 - 14:54

Live from Forest House near Rivendell Retreat Centre in the UK - we’re not sure a podcast setting gets any more mythic than that!

Our friends Mandarava and Nagasiddhi are running an online Home Retreat for us - with amazing puppets, original artwork for the event, and an abundance of magic images illustrating tales from the life of the Buddha. And you are invited!

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Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: The Story of Hatthaka

By Rijupatha on Thu, 9 Jul, 2015 - 17:46

More storytelling! Our FBA Dharmabyte today is called “The Story of Hatthaka”, an excerpt from the talk of the same title by Ratnaprabha. A brilliantly told story from the Pali Canon, about Hatthaka, who used the 4 sangraha vastus, the four means of creating a sangha, to do exactly that. The four are: generosity, kindly speech, good works or action and exemplification. Ratnaprabha explains these in the companion talk: The 4 Sangraha vastus.

We invite you to join us!

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: The Story of Little Ugly

By Rijupatha on Mon, 6 Jul, 2015 - 11:00

Best-known stories brought together humour and lightness in Buddhist scriptures. Our FBA Dharmabyte today is called “The Story of Little Ugly” from the talk, “Encounters with Enlightenment”, by Saddhaloka, the author of a book of re-tellings of stories from the Pali Canon, the oldest collection of texts about the life and teachings of the Buddha. Here Saddhaloka talks about the tradition of storytelling in Buddhism, and recounts some of his own favourites. His obvious love of...