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Free Buddhist Audio

FBA Podcast: Hey You!

By Sadayasihi on Sat, 8 Aug, 2020 - 14:00

Virya is the energetic counterpart to the patience of Ksanti; it is energy in pursuit of the good. Bodhinaga  tells us how we can develop this noble vigour, which brings strength and courage like that of a virtuous knight. He guides us through counteracting the four ‘enemies of virya’ before introducing the Four Powers: ethical sources of energy to power the Dharma life.

Recorded at Sheffield Buddhist Centre, 2019.

This talk is part of...

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: Insecurity and Competition

By Sadayasihi on Thu, 16 Apr, 2020 - 14:00

The wheel of life shows the six realms corresponding to six kinds of mental states that can result from our actions. How can we recognise these states in everyday life and what can we do to live with a more fully human life?

In this Dharmabyte, Satyajyoti offers this personal talk introducing the realm of the titans and her transformation of competitiveness into appreciation.

Excerpted from Three Personal Talks: Realms of the Wheel where Satyajyoti,...

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: Sangha Doesn’t Happen By Chance

By Sadayasihi on Thu, 19 Mar, 2020 - 13:00

Suryamati reminds us that the spiritual life is difficult to practice on one’s own. Here we here the story of Meghiya where the Buddha advises that spiritual friendship is needed for the heart’s release.

How do we be a sangha member? How do we help others in their practice of sangha?

Here, we get an introduction to the teaching on the Samgrahavastus, the four means of unification.

From the talk entitled Building the Buddhaland given at Sangha Night, Sheffield Buddhist Centre,...

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

FBA Podcast: Tantra For the Modern World

By Sadayasihi on Sat, 7 Mar, 2020 - 14:00

Satyajyoti introduces the tantra: Buddhism to set life aflame through deep personal transformation of our direct experience. Out with abstractions and theory, it’s time to act ‘as if your turban was on fire!’ In the words of Sangharakshita, ‘making Buddhism respectable is the last thing we should do’. 

In her introductory talk, Satyajyoti outlines five key principles of Tantric Buddhism and explains the tantric equivalents of the three Buddhist refuges, the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.


Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

FBA Podcast: The Path of Kindness

By Sadayasihi on Sat, 15 Jun, 2019 - 14:00

Part 5 in the Faces of Enlightenment Sangha night series at the Sheffield Buddhist Centre.

Bodhinaga gives a talk on the Buddha Amitabha and the Metta Bhavana loving-kindness meditation.

Recorded at Sheffield Buddhist Centre, 21/05/19

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