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Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: Jellyfish and Kindness

By Sadayasihi on Thu, 23 Jan, 2020 - 14:00

We want to be free from suffering and to become free we need to transform ourselves. How do that? Singhamati describes three paths for transformation: self development, self discovery and self surrender. Each path helping us to turn towards and transform different parts of ourselves.

In this track we hear about the path of Self-Development. Excerpted from the talk entitled Three Paths to Transformation: Self Development, Self Discovery, Self Surrender given at Sangha Night at the ...

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: Knowing the Dangers, Seeking the Noble

By Sadayasihi on Wed, 18 Apr, 2018 - 16:16

This FBA Dharmabyte podcast is entitled “Knowing the Dangers, Seeking the Noble” by Dhivan.

Here, Dhivan draws out some of the continuing significance of the story of the noble quest, as a kind of blueprint for the model of the Dharma life as heroic self-development.

From the talk The Buddha’s Noble Quest given at a Sangha evening at Bristol Buddhist Centre.

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