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The Complete Works Retreat Podcast

By Candradasa on Mon, 18 Jan, 2016 - 19:43

Satyalila reporting from an inspiring retreat at Adhisthana in the UK for a group of volunteers who came together to help Vidyadevi and Kalyanaprabha with editorial work on the first two of the twenty-seven volumes that will make up the entire Complete Works of Sangharakshita. And to to collectively dedicate their efforts - spiritual and practical. 

We hear about some of what’s involved - from the intricacies of critical diacritics in Pali and Sanskrit terms, to the considerable detective...


17 Reasons Not to Give to Sangharakshita's Complete Works...

By Amalavajra on Thu, 13 Aug, 2015 - 21:52

…and 17 responses from one of Bhante’s two editors, Kalyanaprabha.

Persuaded? You know the link by now…https://www.justgiving.com/Bhante90th

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