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Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: Kalyana Mitrata

By Sadayasihi on Mon, 9 Nov, 2020 - 06:00

How do we go beyond the duality of subject and object, self and other, to experience the true nature of reality?

There is no real Buddhism if it’s all about self liberation. We have to see other people as like ourselves. Jnanavaca, telling the story of Meghiya, unequivocally draws out the importance of sangha and kalyana mitrata as the means to bring the Dharma to life in the world.

Excerpted from the talk What is Sangha...

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: Good Friends Reflect Us Back

By Sadayasihi on Mon, 30 Mar, 2020 - 14:00

Maitreyi shares the story of Meghiya to illustrate the importance of having strong friendships on the spiritual path.

From the talk entitled Sanghakaya and the Heart’s Release given at Manchester Buddhist Centre, December 2015.

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Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: Sangha Doesn’t Happen By Chance

By Sadayasihi on Thu, 19 Mar, 2020 - 13:00

Suryamati reminds us that the spiritual life is difficult to practice on one’s own. Here we here the story of Meghiya where the Buddha advises that spiritual friendship is needed for the heart’s release.

How do we be a sangha member? How do we help others in their practice of sangha?

Here, we get an introduction to the teaching on the Samgrahavastus, the four means of unification.

From the talk entitled Building the Buddhaland given at Sangha Night, Sheffield Buddhist Centre,...