Triratna Resources
Triratna Resources

Dharma Teaching - Beginners Buddhism: Buddhist Wisdom, A Six-Week Course On Symbolic Dharma (Vajrapriya)

By Centre Team on Sun, 17 Jul, 2016 - 11:29

Download this overview of the course

The resources include:

  • Notes for the course leader (including learning objectives, guide lines for input and exercises, background information, suggestions for home practice)
  • Exercises, and handouts
  • Overview of the course
  • An overview of the whole of life’s dynamics in symbolic form.
  • The wheel of life – knowing our realm
  • The wheel of life – karma and rebirth
  • The wheel of life – the chain of conditioning, “staying in the gap”
  • The spiral path – to Insight and beyond
  • The mandala of the five Buddhas – Akshobya and Amitabha
  • The mandala of
  • ...
Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: A Dharmic Framework for Total Transformation

By Rijupatha on Sun, 22 Nov, 2015 - 22:32

Today’s FBA Dharmabyte is entitled “A Dharmic Framework for Total Transformation”, an excerpt from the talk “Karma and the Consequences of Our Actions” by Ratnadharini.

There is nothing wrong with our experience, it’s how we interpret it. The Five Niyamas help us understand that total transformation is possible by shifting our habitual means of seeing things. Is it random? Is it fate? Why do the conditions that arise in our lives, arise? Where...

Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte: The Moon and Flowers

By Rijupatha on Thu, 4 Sep, 2014 - 13:10
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In today’s FBA Dharmabyte, “The Moon and Flowers,” Ratnadharini beautifully explores the concepts of karma – our effect on others, and on the world. Includes a quote from Ryokan on the moon and flowers. From the talk “Karma and the Consequences of Our Actions,” given at Tiratanaloka Retreat Centre, 2005, the fourth talk in a five-part series from Tiratanaloka’s retreat on...
Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte - Living by Cause and Effect

By Rijupatha on Thu, 13 Mar, 2014 - 12:38
Our FBA Dharmabyte today, “Living by Cause and Effect” is an excerpt from the series “Tangling Eyebrows with Zen Masters”. Padmavajra here is looking at the nature of impermanence and how all living beings are without a fixed and permanent nature. From the talk “Entering Through Your Practice”.

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Free Buddhist Audio
Free Buddhist Audio

Dharmabyte - The Buddhist View on Rebirth

By Rijupatha on Thu, 27 Feb, 2014 - 17:28
Vessantara is back from his three year long retreat and has many insights to share. Our FBA Dharmabyte today is a preview for next Saturday’s full-length FBA Podcast. In “The Buddhist View on Rebirth” Vessantara dives deep as he describes how awareness continues to arise after death – there is continued experience but no ‘I’ to have that experience. The full talk Karma, Rebirth and the Deep Boundless Dharma was...
Vajra Bell
Vajra Bell

Vajra Bell - Winter 2014

Vajra Bell - Winter 2014

By Rijupatha on Wed, 8 Jan, 2014 - 01:25In this issue of the Vajra Bell Newsletter:

“Karma: Round and Round We Go, Where it Stops, the Buddha Knows” – by Amala

“Impermanence with Appreciation” – by Narottama

“The Stupa: A Most Auspicious Project” – A history and update on the Stupa Project at Aryaloka Buddhist Center, and how you can help

Upcoming Retreats and Classes at Aryaloka

“Reflections on Greed, Hatred, and Delusion” – musings from mitra...