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Buddhist Centre Features

Buddhist Voices - Amitasuri on Buddhist Chaplaincy

By Candradasa on Wed, 10 Dec, 2014 - 17:27
A wonderful conversation with Amitasuri who has overcome huge health difficulties to train and work as a Buddhist Chaplain in the UK. Her passion for the vocational side of chaplaincy is inspiring and infectious, and it’s moving to hear how her own situation has allowed her to be present - truly present - with people suffering greatly, and to make a difference in that way.

Find out more about Buddhist Chaplaincy in the UK

Triratna Highlights
Triratna Highlights

Triratna America - Khanti Prison Outreach Discussion

By Rijupatha on Sat, 22 Jun, 2013 - 13:44
A strong and personal interview on the Khanti Prison Outreach program, with organizer Bodhana and rich commentary from former inmates Jim Mosonyi and Bob Montgomery.

We get a unique look into how this program was sparked from simple beginnings and has become a vital way in to the Dharma and a better life for many men eager to pursue personal change after experiencing the difficulty of incarceration.

Bob and Jim offer their own moving accounts and unique perspectives...