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On Tue, 30 October, 2018 - 13:18
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If you would like to share your memories of Sangharakshita, or your response to his passing, you can choose + post something above and your contribution will be shared on the remembrance page. We’ll keep them here as an archive too. 

You can add video, favourite talks by Sangharakshita, photos or other media that communicates your thoughts and feelings.

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Today I’m in tears because my Teacher, Bhante Sangharakshita is gone. However, I am aware that this tears are not just about sadness, but about infinite gratitude to him. He has influenced my life with the Dharma like no one else. Now as an Order member I feel the commitment to spread the Dharma, honoring his vision and with loyalty to him. I met him two months ago before my Ordination retreat. It was a blessing and it will be an unforgetable memory to me. May all the blessings be yours my Precious Teacher. To me you are a true Bodhisatva. With mettā, Sīlarāja.

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Thank you Sangharakshita for making Buddhism more accessible to the World and myself. Back in the 1990s I wanted to know more about meditation and the practices, so I regularly went to The Birmingham Buddhist Centre. The practices, studies and reading of many of Sangharakshita’s books helped me to this day especially the last several years during my wife’s illness and passing. This video was taken on the opening day of the New Birmingham Buddhist Centre 1998, I will all ways remember that day because it was the first time I met Sangharakshita with that everlasting warm smile, it also contains small clips of my wife and two young daughter’s. 

Metta to you Sangharakshita

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Dear Len, Thank you for sharing the video clip of Bhante’s opening ceremony at the Bham Buddhist Centre in 1998, watching it just now brought tears to my eyes of both pleasure and sadness; I am sure watching it is such a powerful experience for you. Love Shraddhabha Shrewsbury Sangha
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+ something ??? 


Dear Urgen Bhante,  I am sad and sorry at your departure, but also happy and joyfull for you too,

May your transition or meeting or awakening or whatever be refreshing wonderful and beauitul,

May we meet again in prosperity and boon…

Thanks for giving so much, all best wishes  and much love Dharmika xxxx