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On Tue, 30 October, 2018 - 10:27
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As well as having this online memorial space we would like to invite people from all around the world to contribute to a Book of Gratitude.

We will be collecting pages sent to us by post at Adhisthana, or sent orderoffice [at] (by email), or uploaded to this space to be printed out by us. These will then be collated and bound into book form and kept in the Sangharakshita library at Adhisthana.

This is an opportunity to remember Sangharakshita and to pass on to future generations of disciples the importance of his teaching and the difference it has made to our lives.

Because the book will be professionally bound we ask you to follow these following simple instructions. The page will need to be:

  • A4
  • Landscape
  • Plain paper
  • Left hand margin of 25mm to allow for binding
  • Right hand margin 20mm for balance

​Send a paper copy
Send your printed copy to:

Book of Gratitude
c/o Adhisthana
Coddington Court,
Herefordshire HR8 1JL
United Kingdom  

By email
Please send as an email attachment to: orderoffice [at]

Upload to this space
You can upload your file to this space as a post. Choose + resources and attach your file(s). Include in the title of your post the words ‘book of gratitude contribution’ so we see it.

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Re. Languages:
I wondered if contributions need to be in English because ‘d like to encourage people from our Sangha in Germany to contribute. I received the following information from the order office:

Please send in any language. Of course, if the writer wants to add a rough English translation, that will mean that their message reaches more people, but as I see it, the more contributions the better.

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If you are interested, I would be happy to do some translations from German into English.

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Thanks Claire! If any come through I’ll forward them to you.

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Hello! Can it be handwritten notes or computer printed only? Thanks!

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Hello David, I am sure that hand-written will be fine if that is what you or anyone else would like to do. With metta, Mahamati

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CHOOSE +   Please tell me    is  ???       Is    choose+     A Place, A Title, where is iit to be found or created??????  Thank yooo!!!!

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Hi Dharmika, if you want to add a post to the remembrance page on this Memorial space, you can choose an option above from the + post something bar. If you want to contribute to the Book of Gratitude, you can add your comment here including any attachment files, or orderoffice [at] (email it) to the Order Office.

Let us know if you need any support at support [at] and we’ll try to help.

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Personally for my Spiritual Practice Ven.Bhante is Great Inspiration. His teachings are so clear & touches the heart. I am trying to overcome my sadness by his passing. I nevere saw Bhante. But as Buddha says….. Dhammang Passati Somang Passati. I try always to see & understand Bhante through his Teachings. Thanks to online media who is keeping me in touch with Bhante by videos. Thanks to Organisers of the various websites of Triratna. My Poetic Response To passing of Ven. Bhante….. Ven. Bhante You are Alive in Our Hearts You are Alive in Your Great Teachings You are Alive in The Sangha You formed Ven.Bhante You are Alive On This Earth, In This Sky Beating The Drum of The Dhamma Holding The Flag of The Dhamma Ven.Bhante You are Alive In The Principle of Going For Refuge In The Principle of Spiritual Friendship A Golden Lotus You Flourished Among all Human Beings In Our Hearts We have infinite Gratitude for You It will be Forever Ven.Bhante You Are Alive In The Depth of Our Practice of The Dhamma Bhante You Are Alive In All Bounderis of The Universe Bhante You Are Alive (wrote on 30.10.2018, The Day of passing of Bhante) Bhante is alive in His Remarkable Teachings….. Dhamma Kaya and in The Sangha he formed….. Sangha Kaya always. Om Mani Padme Hum. Much Metta & Big Gratitude To Bhante Dhammachari Ashwaghosh, Nagpur, India.
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Hi, is there a deadline that you want all contributions in by? Thanks.

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hello Vajrapriya, is there a deadline to this?

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Hello all,

a few people have asked about a deadline for submissions to the Book of Gratitude. I will begin compiling the book at the beginning of December, so please make any submissions by 30th November.

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Hi Vajrapriya,
Is there a maximum number of pages for contributions? You mention ’the page’ but perhaps it needs to be explicit that you intend only one page per Order member?  Also do you want embedded images included or just text?  The printed book will be massive unless you can contain our collective gratitude and desire to express it.

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Hi Purna,

I don’t intend to limit it to one page per person necessarily, though yes, do keep in mind the overall numbers and balance. It’s fine to include images; in which case, best submit both a pdf and docx version if possible, and make sure the margins and alignment (landscape) suit those mentioned.

We may need more than one volume; let’s see

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