Sangharakshita Memorial Space

Sevenfold Puja for Bhante Sangharakshita

On Tue, 30 October, 2018 - 14:08
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I thought I’d send you this on this so sad day. Mahamati asked me to write it for when Bhante died. I’ve sent it to Mahamati and Parami in case they want to use it on some occasion. I have re-wrtten it just now. Do use it or pass it on if you think that’s appropriate.

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Thank you Maitreyabandhu.      

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thank you so much Maitreyabhandu.

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Thank you Maitreyabandhu.

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Thank you Maitreyabandhu, we used it tonight in York and it helped to make the evening very special indeed. 

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Used in Ipswich tonight. It was a lovely Puja and a very moving evening. Thanks 

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Thank you Maitreyabandhu- it is beautiful and poignant

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Thank you Maitreyabandhu.

The Guhyaloka community joined the men on the 3 month retreat at Uttaraloka to perform this puja yesterday and chant the mantras requested by Bhante. It was, as you would expect, a deeply moving experience.

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Thanks for this beautiful puja Maitreyabandhu.  The community at Tiratanaloka joined with Kalyanasri and her preceptees to perform it last night, including a space within it for us to talk about Bhante more personally.

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Hi everyone. Maitreyabandhu has sent around a final version of this text, which we’re adding here as a PDF and eBook (ePub) file. 

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Thank you for your beautiful words, Maitreyabandhu. It was led by Amala at Aryaloka on Tuesday night for Friend’s Night and was gratefully received.