Sangharakshita Memorial Space

Live Stream of Sangharakshita's Funeral and Burial Service

On Sat, 10 November, 2018 - 08:35
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Update: You can now watch a complete version of the live stream here

The Funeral of the Venerable Urgyen Sangharakshita
August 26, 1925 - October 30, 2018

Our online coverage starts just before the funeral ceremony begins, at around 12.20pm UK time. There will be a live video stream of the ceremony, as well as a regular stream of updates on social media throughout the day.

Download the Order of Service here.

Where to tune in:
You can also watch live coverage of the funeral and burial on a number of different spaces:

Clear Vision’s YouTube Channel | Triratna Media India YouTube Channel

The Buddhist Centre Online’s Facebook page

There will also be a feed of regular online updates throughout the day on Instagram and on Twitter.

We are confident that we will be able to offer a live stream to cover the funeral. Please note there will be a transition period of approximately 1-2 minutes when the funeral service moves to the burial ground. The video stream will stop. At this point you do not need to do anything - the feed should pick up again after a delay.

However, in the event of unforeseen problems, or if you encounter difficulties with the live stream on either Sangharakshita’s Memorial Space, or The Buddhist Centre Online Facebook page, simply ‘refresh’ the page and wait for the broadcast to resume. 

If you are watching on YouTube please return to the Clear Vision YouTube channel or to the Triratna Media India YouTube channel,’refresh’ the page and play the latest live video available to restart the stream.

The live stream will be available to re-watch afterwards, and we will be producing a more polished record of the day in the near future.

We look forward to many people joining us around the world as we mark this important occasion in our community.

With Metta,
The Dharmachakra and the Clear Vision Teams

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You can also follow on Clear Vision’s YouTube channel:

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Well done everyone, tech crew and others, who mad it possible to watch this from the other side of the world. I felt very much there with you all. Many blessings

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Thank you so much for all your effort to put the livestream on and make it possible for those of us who were not in Adhisthana to be there. I watched with members of the sangha and it was so moving to be part of it, even from a distance.

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Thanks very much for all the work that went into the live streaming.  By switching between the facebook and youtube streams i was able to watch and take part in the whole of the funeral and burial service.