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Triratna Model Safeguarding Policies and Ethical Guidelines 2022

On Mon, 23 May, 2022 - 12:33
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ECA Safeguarding

Here are Triratna’s model policies for Safeguarding children and adults, updated for 2022 by Triratna’s ECA Safeguarding team, along with the Triratna Model Ethical Guidelines.

Safeguarding and ethical policies and procedures are a practical expression of ahimsa, non-harming, the value underlying Buddhist precepts and the Bodhisattva activity of protecting living beings from harm.

The Triratna Model Safeguarding Policies follow UK legal requirements and the regulatory requirements of the Charity Commission for England and Wales, who now also require charities to have a statement of more general ethical values, such as the Triratna Model Ethical Guidelines.

The Triratna Model Ethical Guidelines (first published in 2016 on the initiative of Triratna’s International Council) are an internal statement of values based on the five precepts for those teaching in Triratna centres, groups and retreat centres. Though not drawn up by the ECA Safeguarding team, as they complement the Safeguarding policies they are published together with them. Questions, comments or suggestions about the content of the Model Ethical Guidelines should go to Subhadassi, Order Ethics Convenor at ethicsorderconvenor [at]

Since these are model policies, it is up to those running each centre/retreat centre/enterprise to use them as they are, or adapt and/or translate them as they think fit.

In addition to the policies, the Triratna Model Child Protection Code of Conduct is a short guide to safe behaviours which will help prevent suspicions or accusations of misconduct with those under 18; Caring for Teenagers in Triratna offers guidance as to best practice when including in Triratna activities those aged 16-17, increasingly independent but legally still children. Managing those who may pose a risk in Triratna offers guidance on the safe inclusion in our sangha of those whose past or present behaviour may pose a risk of harm to others; ex-offenders, for example.

Below you will also find pdfs of the Model Safeguarding Policies showing changes highlighted in yellow.

Please note:
If you have an urgent Safeguarding concern and I am not available, or you want a second and external opinion, you may wish to contact the helpline run by our external Safeguarding advisers Thirtyone:eight.

They can be reached at +44 (0)1322 517817 or (within the UK) 0303 003 1111.

If you (or anyone else) have been harmed, or may be at immediate risk of harm, please contact your local police and/or social services as soon as possible.

With metta,

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