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Women's Ordinations at Adhisthana August 2018

On Fri, 17 August, 2018 - 14:39
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We are delighted to announce that the following seven women received their Public Ordination at Adhisthana Retreat Centre on Sunday August 12th 2018. 


Maggie Muir becomes Hrdayaka
(Sanskrit: dot under the ‘r’ long last ‘a’) 
Name meaning: ”She who has a (kind) heart”  
Westernised spelling: Hridayaka
Private Preceptor: Jayadevi

Sara Inkster becomes Moksavadini
(Sanskrit: dot under the ‘s’, long second ‘a’ long last ‘i’)
Name meaning: ”She who speaks of liberation” 
Westernised spelling: Mokshavadini
Private Preceptor: Jayadevi


Alyssa Fradenberg becomes Srisara
(Sanskrit: first ‘s’ pronounced sh,
long ‘i’ and both long ‘a’s)
Name meaning: ”She who radiates strength” 
Westernised spelling: Shrisara 
Private Preceptor: Padmadharini 

Annette Clarke becomes Sraddhabha
(Sanskrit: first ‘s’ pronounced sh,
long second and third ‘a’) 
Name meaning: ”She who has the light
or splendour of faith” 
Westernised spelling: Shraddhabha 
Private Preceptor: Samantabhadri

Priscilla Mills becomes Vilasini
(Sanskrit: long ‘a’ and long last ‘i’)
Name meaning: ”She who is shining or radiant (from the Dharma)” 
Westernised spelling: Vilasini 
Private Preceptor: Ratnavandana


Clare Moore becomes Kalyanadhi
(Sanskrit: long second ‘a’, dot under the ‘n’, long ‘i’)
Name meaning: ”She who has the wisdom
of beauty, goodness and truth”
Westernised spelling: Kalyanadhi 
Private Preceptor: Kalyanasri

Ellen Hewitt becomes Vajrasri
(Sanskrit: ‘s’ pronounced sh, long ‘i’) 
Name meaning: ”She who has the radiance of the vajra” 
Westernised spelling: Vajrashri
Private Preceptor: Ratnavandana 

With metta,

Dayanandi, Parami and Sanghadevi

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