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Four Women ordained at Adhisthana 2nd July 2017

On Mon, 3 July, 2017 - 11:47
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We are delighted to let you know that the following women received their public ordination at Adhisthana this afternoon (2nd July 2017).

Public Preceptor Parami:

Bec Remigio becomes Amaladipa
(long ‘i’, long final ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Amaladipa
Sanskrit name meaning: She who is a Light or Lamp of Purity
Private Preceptor: Mokshini

Emma Bulley becomes Abhayamala
(long penultimate and final ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Abhayamala
Sanskrit or Pali name meaning: She who has a Garland of Fearlessness
Private Preceptor: Samacitta

Pat Roberts becomes Bodhinita
(long second ‘i’, long ‘a’)
Westernised spelling: Bodhinita
Sanskrit name meaning: She who is led by Awakening
Private Preceptor: Kalyanaprabha

Public Preceptor Sanghadevi:

Sabine Deiringer becomes Sarvatajnana
(long third, fourth and fifth ‘a’s, and tilde above the first ‘n’)
Westernised spelling: Sarvatajnana
Sanskrit name meaning: She who has Supreme Awareness of Totality
Private Preceptor: Padmajata

Much metta,


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