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Why Community Matters

On Tue, 12 September, 2023 - 15:44
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Embarking on a spiritual path is a highly personal and individual step. Yet most of us sooner or later come to feel a need for the support and friendship of others who are on a similar path. This reality speaks to why there are three jewels we value in Buddhism: the Buddha, the exemplar and ideal of enlightenment; the Dharma, the truth the Buddha realized and his teaching; and the Sangha, the fellowship of those who follow the Buddha and practice the Dharma.

For the closing months of 2023, we will be looking at the Sangha jewel and what it might mean to us individually and collectively. The Buddha famously said that kalayana mitrata, or ethically helpful friendship, is “the whole of the spiritual life.” Over the coming weeks, we’ll unpack the implications of that teaching, looking at what spiritual friendship means in practice, how we can benefit from it and offer it to others, and the nature of a community that embodies it. 

Our weekly program includes meditation, short talks on Dharma and small-group conversation. Whether you’re a newcomer to Buddhism, an old hand or somewhere in between, our gatherings offer a supportive, friendly context for pursuing your practice. Please join us as we consider the value of spiritual friendship and explore what it means to build community on that basis.

*Every Sunday, 10-11:30am. These mornings will include meditation, a short talk and discussion. Everyone is welcome! We will be meeting in-person at Gateway Taiji, 875 Islington St, Portsmouth, with a Zoom option. Offered by donation, $5-$15 suggested. If you’d like to attend by Zoom, we’ll send the Zoom link upon registration, or simply sign up for our weekly email which includes the link. Please bring your own water bottle or thermos; we have meditation cushions and chairs at the studio. 


Buddhism & the Practice of Friendship
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