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Weekly Friends' Morning: The Four Reminders

On Fri, 14 April, 2023 - 15:02
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Weekly Friends’ Morning: The Four Reminders — Sunday Mornings, 10-11:30am,
in-person at Gateway Taiji or on Zoom* | Meditation, Dharma, Community

All are welcome to our weekly Sunday gathering. Our spring series will be an exploration of the Four Reminders, or the Four Mind-Turning Reflections. The Four Reminders put us in touch with the nature of life in a way that challenges our tendency to take things for granted. These reflections set the foundation for an engaged practice of the Buddha’s teaching. Exploring them together, we find that we are not alone in the human predicament! 


The Four Reminders

Life has inevitable difficulties. No one can control it all.

This body is impermanent. Death is certain.

The karma I create shapes the course of my life.

This human birth is precious, an opportunity to awaken.

These four reminders expose my pre-occupations.
Things that at death will mean nothing to me.

This life I must know as the tiny splash of a raindrop.
A thing of beauty that disappears, even as it comes into being.

Therefore I recall my inspiration and aspiration.
I resolve to make use of every day and night,
wherever I am, to realize it.
(version by Vessantara)

*Every Sunday, 10-11:30am. These mornings will include meditation, a short talk and discussion. Everyone is welcome! We will be meeting in-person at Gateway Taiji, 875 Islington St, Portsmouth, with a Zoom option. Offered by donation, $5-$15 suggested. If you’d like to attend by Zoom, we’ll send the Zoom link upon registration, or simply sign up for our weekly email which includes the link.


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