Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Religion Without God, Part 1 - A Radical Community of Values

On Thu, 4 October, 2012 - 20:31
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The first talk in ‘Religion without God’, a four-part series looking at how you can have a full spiritual life as a 21st Century person without recourse to blind faith or setting yourself against the rational world we find ourselves in. The Buddha faced some of the same dilemmas as us in India in 500 BCE, and we face some new challenges with 2500 years of culture and experience in between his time and our own.

In this talk Candradasa looks at the three basic propositions offered by Buddhism as an alternative to theistic religion, and offers a personal exploration of the pitfalls for anyone trying to live out the Buddha’s teachings, as well as the immense possibilities for a religious tradition without any god at the heart of it.

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Yes, I am grateful to hear the specificity of the Dharma as it is taught in Triratna tradition…attending Sanhga discussions in which folks share their real life experiences in the light of the Dharma is rich beyond words. Imagine! Being engaged with people who may be acquaitances, not yet friends, in a deeper way, at a deeper level, than with long known family members and long known friends!
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In Christian or theistic way of thinking, thinking we are less than, is, in a way, saying hat the “creator’s” or god’s creation is substandard. But, I realize that self-referential thinking is the gist of what we as Buddhists are cautionned about. I need to mull that a bit more to truly undertstand it.
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Hi Capra, yes it is amazing to have a space to work specifically and, in a way, intimately with the mind. A step into a wider universe of connection and possibility… :)