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On Fri, 17 April, 2020 - 09:54
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Weekly North London Slideshows by Ratnaprabha on images and symbols in Buddhism

11:30 am on Saturdays (except 9 May, see below) after the 10:30 meditation.
Zoom login each week except 10 May is here

Sat 18 April    The Endless Knot: Buddhist Symbols
Sat 25 April    Taming The Bull: a Zen path
Sat 2 May    Meeting the Buddhas
(Sat 9 May    Kusala Talk on Right Livelihood)
Sunday 10 May    (Buddha Day) Mythic Beings at the Buddha’s Awakening
Sat 16 May    Can the Buddha lift Thor’s hammer? – the Vajra
Sat 23 May    The Pagoda of Consciousness: the Stupa

Budcast Talk on Livelihood in the Eightfold Path: The Life of Activity

Saturday 9 May 11:30 with Kusala
Zoom login here.
How our occupation affects us and our fellows: a twenty-first century perspective on the traditional teaching of Right Livelihood.

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