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Dharma Day Festival, join North London

On Thu, 9 July, 2020 - 15:17
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Through the day this Sunday, 12 July, online.
Marking the anniversary of the Buddha’s first ever teachings (Dharma) soon after his awakening. 
“The world is made of stories. Good stories are hard to come by, and a good story you can honestly call your own is an incredible gift. The stories are part of a bigger story that connects us all.” (Gary Snyder) Can you discover Buddhism through stories, or do you need facts?

10:30    Ratnaprabha hosts from the Buddhist Centre shrine room.
10:45    Talk by Ratnaprabha on the Dharma Day story. Are stories ever true? Can they be a basis for a life that will change the world?
12:00-12:45    Meditation with Maitrisambhava
14:00    Dharma readings from the ancient Buddhist texts, with Santva.
15:00    Meditation with Kusala and tea break.
16:00-17:00    Ritual/puja with Lalitaraja.

Join Zoom Meeting here at any of the above times.

Or join the LIVE stream of the day on our North London Buddhist Centre YouTube channel. Check it out here at the time, or look at the recordings later.

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