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Vishvapani on 'Thought for the Day'

On Wed, 5 September, 2018 - 12:00
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Vishvapani is the regular Buddhist contributor to Thought for the Day: a comment on the news from a faith perspective on the main BBC radio news programme.

Here are his recent talks: 

10.1.18 The Skill of Ethics
Education focuses more and more on learning skills. The Buddhist idea of ethics as skilfulness makes a link between ordinary skills and he rely of ethics and spiritual life.
Listen here.

1.5.18 1968: Inner or Outer Revolution? 
1968 saw riots in Paris and the start of western Buddhist movements. But who was right: the political or the spiritual revolutionaries? 
Listen here.

11.5.18 Climate Change and the Burning House
As climate change talks falter, the Parable of the Burning House from The Lotus Sutra has a new relevance. The need to change is clear enough, but what will inspire us to act on it?
Listen here.

27.7.18 Healing Trauma with Gratitude
The Thai boys who were lost in a cave are spending time as novice Buddhist monks. Does gratitude offer an alternative way to recover from trauma?
Listen here.

3.8.18 The Call of the Forest
Creating a vast new forest inn Central England will help offset climate change, but it also appeals to the imagination. And that’s essential if  we are to turn our environmental aspirations into reality
Listen here.

10.8.18 The Ethics of Communication 
As a society we constantly confront questions around how we should speak to each other about difficult issues. The Buddhist speech precepts offer a framework for ethical reflection on how we communicate.
Listen here.

The talks are available on the BBC website for 30 days after broadcast, but indefinitely available on Vishvapani’s blog, which also includes other writing, broadcasting and Dharma talks. His next ‘Thought for the Day’ talks will be on October 6 and 13th. 

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