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Triratna International Gathering 2019: Alchemy of the Dharma

On Fri, 12 April, 2019 - 11:24
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Booking is now open for the 2019 Triratna International Gathering which will take place at Adhisthana, UK, from 22-26 August! This biennial event brings together large numbers of the Triratna Buddhist Community from around Europe for a feast of inspiration, stimulation and fun. All are welcome, including children. 

The theme of the 2019 gathering is ‘Alchemy of the Dharma’. Alchemy is the magical art of turning base materials into gold, a potent metaphor for what we are trying to do in our Dharma lives. How do we transform the ‘base material’ of ourselves, our spiritual community, and the wider society into ‘gold’, into ‘personal’ riches, shared riches and the sustaining riches of loving wisdom?

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The programme is still being finalised but here are the details so far:

Three talks:

  • Transforming Self - Ratnaguna
  • Transforming Through Sangha - Sanghamani
  • Transforming World - Prasadacarin

Short talks about the transformative power of the Dharma in Latin America and India

Event on Bhante as Alchemist (by Maitreyabandhu and others)

Study with Saccanama

Various workshops such as:
Batik - Akashalila
Blake - Satyalila and Ratnaprabha 
Meditation - Vajraloka team
Mindful communication - Jayaraja   
Philosophy  - Vidyaruci
Writing - Satyalila and others

Activities for kids
Chai and pancakes stall - Buddhafield
Storytelling - Jayaraja and Lokabandhu

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To get flavour of the event watch this Newsbyte from Clear Vision about the 2014 International Gathering

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