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On Thu, 6 March, 2014 - 01:57
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Today we bring you news of three excellent British Triratna broadcasters, new and old, on BBC national radio.

A recent news report on BBC Radio Four’s PM programme related how the teaching of mindfulness has come to the British parliament, and featured Subhadramati of the London Buddhist Centre.

In the same week Glasgow Buddhist Centre Chair Dassini was the faith guest on BBC Radio Two’s ‘Good Morning Sunday’ last week, talking about Buddhism, mindfulness, and openness to life.

Listen to Subhadramati.
Listen to Dassini, at 39’ 40”. (Available till Saturday.)

Cardiff Buddhist Centre’s Vishvapani is the longtime Buddhist contributor to the Today programme’s daily “Thought for the Day”.

Listen to Vishvapani’s February reflections on current events:
  1. Mindfulness is more relevant than ever
  2. The mental battle is what draws us to sport
  3. You can’t change the weather

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I love Subhadramati’s comments that between telling lies and keeping a meditation practice, something has to go!