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Stockholm: the sleeping giant awakes

On Thu, 22 December, 2016 - 15:27
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After 24 years in a basement under the yard behind a block of flats, the Stockholm sangha has risen up! Thanks to the force that is Vajradarshini, our Chair, the first weekend in December saw us move into former shop premises on a busy main street at 89 Hornsgatan.

Although very slightly smaller than the old centre, our new centre is a dream, with five windows and a warm and welcoming kitchen which has instantly become our sangha’s home, especially in mid-winter when temperatures are below freezing and the day lasts only from 9 till 3!

It was Sona who came from Britain to start our sangha, back in the 1980s. We moved into our first premises in 1990 and on Sunday 4th December this year our new centre was opened ceremonially by Sweden’s most senior living Order member, Dhirananda.

The Stockholm sangha is very healthy, ranging widely in age from a teen to 70s. There’s a men’s community, two new Dharmacharis ordained this year; new Dharmacharinis not that far off.

In the whole of Sweden there are around 30 Order members, making ours the largest sangha in Scandinavia. Dhammagiri is our beautiful retreat centre an hour and a half north of Stockholm, a former village school. We also have Bodhi Förlaget, Triratna’s publisher of books in Swedish, run by Viryabodhi. 

There are also Triratna activities in Östersund, Gothenburg and Malmö. You’ll have to wait a little for the big news about Malmö…

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