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Southampton's first centre - in a pub

On Tue, 5 December, 2017 - 12:00
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The second weekend of September this year saw the opening of the well-established Southampton sangha (UK)’s first centre, in a disused pub, complete with intriguingly re-designed pub sign.

Chair Sudharshini tells us about the project and the redesign, created by architect Abhayanara, also responsible for the re-design of Adhisthana and Triratna’s Shrewsbury centre.

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dharmabandhu's picture

Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu! Well done everyone who has helped to create and bring the Southampton Buddhist Centre into existence! may the people of Southampton and others benefit from this oasis of transformation

Vajracaksu's picture

SADHU, SADHU, SADHU!! :) That’s absolutely fantastic news, hats off to to all involved in the creation of your beautiful and warm new centre. It looks like it has huge potential!

Happy greetings from Istanbul


Vijaya1's picture

Great use for an old pub. Well done all !

Jnanacandra's picture

So inspiring to see! What an amazing, lovely space, and I like the visionary side of it, thinking of outreach groups already! Sadhu!!!