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On Wed, 9 August, 2017 - 09:57
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Sthanashraddha is Bhante’secretary. He writes from Adhisthana, UK:

“Finally, after many weeks of dry and often sunny weather, the grounds and gardens have been treated in the last couple of weeks to downpours of rain, misty drizzle and long gentle overnight soakings. The rock-hard lumps of clay earth are softening again. We’ve also seen this month second broods of moorhens hatching - tiny, little, black golfball-sized fluff, chirruping and calling for their mothers.

Bhante’s month has been fairly quiet. While keeping up his correspondence, at least hearing the incoming post regularly, he has also been keeping up with most of the ‘Articles’, ‘Threads’ and ‘Stories of the past and present’ being shared by Order members on The Buddhist Centre online, and the subsequent threads of online discussion.

There have of course been guests and visits from old friends and new. There have also been two hospital visits, one for a vision test and scan, which led to the second visit - Bhante’s 18th Lucentis injection into the left eye. Bhante also went over to Adhisthana’s Sangharakshita Library to view the Blake exhibition, which was part of the Blake retreat, following which Paramartha took Bhante on a wheelchair tour of the new landscaping including his burial site, which is slowly being developed and planted up.”

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Dear Bhante and Sthanasraddha, thank you for your ongoing diary posts, letters and’s lovely to hear news of you and your health and activities at Adhisthana Bhante.  I’m glad the recent downpours have softened the Earth somewhat and I hope the ground will be soft enough but not too wet for the coming  International order weekend and international Triratna retreat. Much love Dharmabandhu x