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Sangharakshita's Diary

On Mon, 15 May, 2017 - 08:45
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Sthanashraddha is Sangharakshita’s secretary. He writes:

“April was certainly a month of growth and birth; it seemed as though every day a new plant or flower was sprouting or coming into bud and blossom. The various nesting ducks have all hatched their ducklings and the swallows and housemartins have returned. Bhante himself seems no less affected or part of this springtime growth, as he has entered into a rich period of writing, going from one set of reflections to the next, addressing one theme after another.

Earlier in the month he finished his piece entitled ‘Living with Carter’, then moved on to his recent piece on the Garava sutta, which he wrote/dictated with Paramartha’s help. And there is another piece on the way which will probably be entitled ’A good friend, the false friend and the spiritual friend’.

While ’writing’ in the evenings has taken up some of his time he has also been going through Advayacitta’s book, again with Paramartha. And for some enjoyment there has been an audio set of short stories by Oscar Wilde.

There has of course been time to meet with various people throughout the month, which included the following from 1st April up to 30th April: Saddhanandi, Tamonuda, Kathy Wu, Karunabala, Sanghadarsini, Sona, Kusaladevi, Saddhaloka, Peter Oswald, Abhayanara, Harshaprabha, Vimalasara, Nagadevi, Dhammarati, Vajratara, Vajrasara, Vidyasri, Taracitta, Maitrivajri, Oliver Fitzgerald, Subhadramati, Richard Penrose, Dirk-Jan Fokkens and Terry Duffy.

Kathy Wu, an old friend from Madhyamaloka and a practitioner of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, visited from the States and very much enjoyed her two weeks here at Adhisthana. She was able to meet with Bhante three times to catch up and impart a wealth of medicinal knowledge to Suvajra and Sanghadasa.

Another guest to mention was Peter Oswald, a well-known playwright, who came to interview Bhante about his meetings with Dr Ambedkar, for a play he is writing looking more at the life of that great man.

During the month Bhante made another trip to Kidderminster for his 16th injection of Lucentis into his left eye, and there was a visit from the local matron towards the end of the month, who was pleased to find Bhante quite well and thought that he would needonly one more visit from her.

Just yesterday Paramartha drove Bhante over to the Adhisthana Library to see the 50th anniversary exhibition. Bhante has been pleased to hear of all the various celebrations around different parts of the Movement celebrating our first 50 years. And of course as some will have seen in a short video clip taken by Suvajra, Bhante indeed made his own surprise appearance at the celebrations here at Adhisthana. So in some small way we were in person able to publicly thank Bhante with some words, flowers and a round of applause.”

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