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Ordinations At The London Buddhist Centre

On Fri, 7 May, 2021 - 11:21
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We’re delighted to let you know that three public ordinations took place at the LBC on Thursday 6th May. Following the ordinations at Adhisthana earlier this week, these are the second of three public ordination ceremonies for women on this one retreat.

Jenny Tarrant from Deal becomes Vidyanadi (a long first “a” and a long final “i”), a name meaning “She who is a river of wisdom.” Registered spelling: Vidyanadi. Private Preceptor: Dayapaksini.

Rowena Wingfield-Davies from Croydon becomes Simhasraddha (dot under the “m”, accent above the second “s” and a long final “a”), a name meaning “She who has lion-like faith.” Registered spelling: Singhashraddha. Private Preceptor: Dayapaksini.

Hannah Peaty from the LBC becomes Amalanandi (long final “i”), a name meaning “She whose joy is in purity.” Registered spelling: Amalanandi. Private Preceptor: Jyotismati.

Public preceptor for all: Subhadramati.


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