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Ordinations at Adhisthana

On Tue, 4 May, 2021 - 21:05
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We are delighted to announce that five public ordinations took place at Adhisthana this afternoon. Four of the five new dharmacarinis were due to be ordained in 2020, but the Covid crisis has meant that several different plans for their ordination retreat had to be cancelled. But finally, five of them arrived here from various quarters of the UK and mainland Europe, along with their preceptors, in the midst of their predominantly online retreat.  High winds, heavy rain and brilliant rainbows ushered in the occasion, which is the first of three public ordination ceremonies for women on this one retreat.

Public Preceptor Padmasuri:

Imogen Tennison from Cambridge becomes Vimaladipa (long final “i” and long final “a”), a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is a lamp of the stainless”.  Private Preceptor Viryajyoti

Public Preceptor Santavajri:

Emma Sohlgren from Stockholm becomes Satyanita (long “i” and long final “a”), a Sanskrit name meaning “She who is led by truth”. Private Preceptor Saddhanandi

Kate Luker from Southampton becomes Amalasraddha (accent above “s” and long final “a”), a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose faith is pure and spotless”. Private Preceptor Sudarshini

Charlotte Lawes from London becomes Aryanisa (long first and final “a”, accent above “s”), a Sanskrit name meaning “She whose dream is of the noble ones”.  Private Preceptor Vajratara

Robin Ellis from Manchester becomes Moksasari (dot under first “s” and long “i”), a Sanskrit name meaning “One who is flowing towards freedom”.  Private Preceptor Vidyamala


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