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Newsbyte: Lama's Pyjamas

On Wed, 6 June, 2018 - 11:43
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“I had an idea of what team-based right livelihood was but, actually, working in this way has definitely exceeded all my expectations - I feel like I’m so much happier” - Abhayanandi

This Clear Vision Newsbyte takes a visit to Lama’s Pyjamas, a charity shop around the corner from the London Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green.  In the last year approximately £61,000 was raised in dana, which went towards supporting the activities in the London Buddhist Centre.

The Lama’s Pyjamas team speak about their experience of working in this shop selling second hand clothes as part of a team based right livelihood, and what it means to them: really being yourself at your workplace, renouncing status, embodying friendliness, being part of a team and more!

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